Member Benefits

Greenwich Group Members meet twice a year to exchange information and hear from experts in a wide variety of areas. Insurance Company executives address the meetings on key industry trends, while marketing representatives introduce new programs that may be appealing to members. Members share information about new markets and products, as well as contacts. Because of the high level of trust within the group, members are never hesitant to divulge information that their colleagues might find helpful.

Another feature of each meeting is a presentation by a prominent consultant who is paid for his/her appearance. Topics discussed are agency performance and valuation, perpetuation planning, technical coverage issues, management issues, motivation and coaching, industry trends and direction, and other topics critical to the success of the members and their clients.

Here are the key benefits Greenwich Group Members derive from our association:

INCREASED CREDIBILITY: A direct result of membership is the increased credibility each Member broker enjoys with insurers, current and prospective clients and networking partners.

MARKET INFORMATION: Up-to-date market insights and knowledge to ensure Members are current on all operational issues.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: Meeting attendees exchange ideas and provide the impetus for exciting innovations.

INVALUABLE KNOWLEDGE: Learn from our Not-for-Profit, exclusive think tank run by C-level individuals from within leading insurance brokers across North America.

BEST PRACTICES: Members openly share best practices that keep our individual business ahead of the pack.

VALUABLE MEETINGS: Inspirational industry speakers and presenters share their advanced knowledge with Members.

CREATIVE INNOVATION: Discover strategies and techniques for creative leadership and innovation.

FRIENDSHIP & TRUST: Sharing deep insights and knowledge with industry peers you can truly trust.

AGENCY GROWTH: Increased growth and agency development is a direct result of networking and sharing with industry peers.

Whether the subject is premium financing, workers compensation rating and services, employee manuals, team building, or other success strategies, Members benefit from comparing notes and sharing ideas. Everyone participates actively in our discussions…no one holds back.

As the primary purpose of The Greenwich Group is to create a supportive forum for the sharing of successful ideas, it is no surprise that ideas are literally the price of admission to group meetings. Every Member is required to present one great idea and one problem. This exchange generates lively discussions and an abundance of creative ideas everyone can use. It’s a Greenwich Group rule that each Member must bring value to the meeting equal to what they take away in terms of insight, knowledge and feedback.

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“This is an intimate group that shares openly and deeply in an environment that is truly unique. Imagine learning about leadership from the top performing independent agencies in the US!”

Chris Pesce, Maritime Program Group

“When you mix with a group of leading Agency Principals, you leave each meeting with ideas that always improve sales or operations. It is one of the best ROI’s of my time.”

Jeff Jones, IOA Insurance Services

“Being a member of the Greenwich Group has brought numerous ideas and new perspectives. It’s like an open exchange of ideas with trusted friends. And our growth continues as new members join the group, bringing fresh contributions.”

Mike Skinner, MG Skinner & Associates, Inc.

“While the formal contributions are valuable, the intangibles gathered during informal networking sessions may be invaluable.”

Tim Longworth, Cornerstone Insurance Services Incorporated