About Us

The Greenwich Group is one of the leading risk management and insurance affiliations in the world.

• Founded in 1984
• 18 Member Agencies
• Over 600 Employees
• Over $1 Billion in Premium Volume
• 25+ Leading Carrier Affiliations

Located in key cities across the United States and Canada, independently-owned Group Members are results-driven entrepreneurs, each with a passion for excellence. We run highly specialized brokerages, uniquely complementing each other, sharing unsurpassed expertise to help our peers manage large and complex risks and challenges.

Greenwich Group Members maintain close professional and personal relationships. As a result, brokerage Principals stay well-informed on changing market conditions. In addition, carrier opportunities and exceptional ideas are freely shared to stimulate individual and group successes. This added value drives improved results for our Members and our individual clients.

Whether the subject is premium financing, workers’ compensation rating and services, employee manuals, team building, or other strategies for success, Members benefit from comparing notes and sharing ideas. No one holds back.

As the primary purpose of The Greenwich Group is to create a supportive forum for the sharing of successful ideas, it is no surprise that ideas are literally the price of admission to the group’s meetings. Every member is required to present to the group one great idea and one problem. This exchange generates lively discussions and plenty of creative ideas everyone can use. A Greenwich Group rule is that each member must bring value to the meeting equal to what they take away in terms of insight, knowledge and feedback.