The Greenwich Group Is a Progressive National Organization of Innovative Insurance Professionals. Operating in a Cooperative Atmosphere With a High Degree of Integrity In Our Relationships With Our Clients, Insurance Companies, and Among Ourselves:

Insuring Profitablily of Our Members And Stability of Service for Our Clients While Seeking Products That Are Both Competitive and Comprehensive Within the Marketplace Thereby Creating A Rewarding and Challenging Environment For Ourselves and Our Employees


Insuring Profitablity…

The Greenwich Group is a progressive international organization of innovative professionals dedicated to meeting the insurance needs of an ever-changing world.

The Greenwich Group was founded on the premise that no two companies have the same insurance requirements. We view your company as having a unique set of exposures, which are ever-changing as your business matures. Such expertise and creativity is only possible through the highly specialized and unique complement of independently owned brokerage firms that comprise The Greenwich Group. The Greenwich Group combines the expertise of 18 independent insurance agencies with over a billion in written premium.

The member principals have maintained close professional and personal relationships with one another for many years. As a result, this dynamic group keeps each other well informed on changing market conditions and shares insurance carrier opportunities and ideas for each member’s success and for the benefit of each other’s clients.

The Greenwich Group is one of the leading risk management and insurance affiliations found in the world.

Founded – 1984                              Premium Volume – Over $1 Billion

Agencies – 18                                   Number of Employees – 601


Inside the Group…


Greenwich Group members meet twice a year to exchange information and hear from experts in a wide variety of areas. Insurance Company executives address the meetings on key industry trends, while marketing representatives introduce new programs that may be appealing to members. Members share information about new markets and products, as well as contacts. Because of the high level of trust within the group, members are never hesitant to divulge information that their colleagues might find helpful.

Another feature of each meeting is a presentation by a prominent consultant who is paid for his/her appearance. Topics discussed are agency performance and valuation, perpetuation planning, technical coverage issues, management issues, motivation and coaching, industry trends and direction, and other topics critical to the success of the members and their clients.

Ideas are our lifeblood

Whether the subject is premium financing, workers compensation rating and services, employee manuals, team building, or other strategies for success, members benefit from comparing notes and sharing ideas. Everyone participates actively in our discussions – “No one holds back”.

As the primary purpose of The Greenwich Group is to create a supportive forum for the sharing of successful ideas, it’s is no surprise that ideas are literally the price of admission to the group’s meetings. Every member is required to present to the group one great idea and one problem. This exchange generates lively discussions and plenty of creative ideas everyone can use. It’s a Greenwich Group rule that each member must bring value to the meeting equal to what he/she takes away in terms of insight, knowledge and feedback.